Aegeus (AEG) Incorporates IPFS and Blockchain!

Aegeus is building a platform using IPFS for data storage and organization. They claim it will offer storage in such a way that it can be “easily accessed and retrieved.” In addition to the data storage they will also be offering data distribution. By distributing data with a peer to peer approach, a company can save a ton on bandwidth costs alone.  All of this will be achieved in a decentralized and trustless environment using blockchain technology. They will also be incorporating a secure messaging system for teams and personal friends, which is only one of many features that can be a reality with IPFS.

The vision for the platform is certainly ambitious, but the team remains hard at work and appear to be on track with the roadmap. The White Letter on their website breaks down the team and who they are.

In its current state, Aegeus is just another masternode coin – there is no working product yet.  It is a proof-of-stake coin forked from PIVX, taking advantage of many key features of PIVX’s technology. Aegeus is a new coin and has only been available for a few months now. It has a long way to go with its platform and IPFS based technology, but with the talented developers and strong support from its community, Aegeus may have a very bright future ahead.

The Aegeus team impresses me with their availability and the way they interact with investors and members on their Discord channel. The developers are often available to chat and other team members are usually around to help with technical support for wallets and masternodes.

The team always act appropriately to solve problems. For example, the inflation of the AEG token was too high and rewards hit the market at a quicker rate than people were buying, arguably causing the price to drop. The development team responded by reducing rewards sooner than anticipated, proving to me that they are seeing this as a long-term project and they will do their best to keep it successful, rather than selling off high rewards and bouncing! The outcome of the reward reduction is yet to be seen considering it is still in progress, but it does make sense economically to reduce rewards for the long-term success of the project. The team has also expanded their social media presence and is encouraging the community to do the same and spread the word.

For now, I am optimistic about Aegeus’ future but will remain cautious until I see proof of the platform in development. I am bullish on the vision and I’m excited, however, at the moment AEG is simply just a masternode project and the outcome of the behind-the-scenes work is yet to be seen.

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Disclaimer:  The author of this article is invested in AEG.  As always, this is not investment advice.  Do your own research.  Trust me, it’s fun!